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The Aguada Saves a Life!

Today we had an unusual visitor at The Aguada asking for us to help with a little monkey. She had found her being abused and tied up. :( They turned to us for help (maybe it was because of our nature friendly environment) :), we don’t know why, but we were so quick to get help we didn’t get the chance to ask why us! We quickly called a vet who came by and gave the monkey some medicine to help it recover. She was in a very bad condition and was struggling to breathe. We then contacted the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) and asked for some advice and they contacted the Wildtracks which has a rehab facility for monkeys. The person who picked it up said it was good that we gave her the medicine as it saved her life! She is currently receiving oxygen and is on her way to the Sarteneja to Wildtracks Rehab Center where they will help bring her back to her normal state and hopefully help her get back into her natural habitat. We hope to get photos and updates of her as she recovers, and let you know the name they give to her too! :)


– The Aguada Hotel, Belize