Baby Madelyn – The Aguada Baby!

Baby Madelyn arrives…at the hospital?… no at The AGUADA!!

First time mothers usually take great care and precautions when having their first child. This held true for Jalima Gold of Placencia, Belize. Her cramps told her it was almost time so she traveled (Wednesday, October 24) the long distance from Southern Belize to have her first born at a private hospital—La Loma Luz—in the Cayo District, Belize.

They chose to stay at The Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena Town to be close to the hospital, which is a mere 6 blocks from The Aguada. With husband, grandmother and midwife in tow, they visited the hospital only to be told that the baby wasn’t ready to make its GRAND debut—oh no, she wanted to be different from the moment she entered the world!

Early this morning (October 26), the cramps started again; but this time, they were stronger and harder. Preparing to leave The Aguada to go to the hospital, Jalima realized she couldn’t even sit—the baby was already on its way! After ONLY 11 minutes of labour, Madelyn Georgiana Gold Leslie entered the world at 1:30 am and is such a beautiful little one!

We are happy to report that both mother and baby are doing great. Midwife, Gail Johnson (CPM, LM, Midwife Without Borders) was happy to share with us that Baby Madelyn weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 ozs and is 20 inches long.

We are showered with many blessings at The Aguada Hotel… but this certainly is one of GREATEST!

– The Aguada Hotel, Belize


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  1. What a wonderful story! And we loved the picture of three Aguada mommas holding the baby. You all looked just plain beautiful!

  2. There was something magical about Madelyne being born at the Aguada. It has given us a great sense of happiness and peace. Welcome to the world!!

  3. Now this doesn’t happen everyday! Awesome! Makes me remember the movie with the Walmart baby! :)

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