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The Power of ONE: Aguada Iguanas

It all started about 18 years ago, a young man came to The Aguada Hotel to sell a female iguana, knowing that Easter time was coming and a favorite Belizean delicacy are the iguana eggs.

The owner purchased the live iguana so that she could release it on the grounds hoping that she would lay her eggs and then babies would live near the pond.

It all worked out and today, we have hundreds of iguanas roaming the grounds of The Aguada Hotel. It is the perfect habitat for our little friends with the fresh spring pond (Aguada), the many trees surrounding the area, and the chaya plants and hibiscus hedging surrounding the hotel.

After touring with Humberto Requena from the San Ignacio Iguana Project, we have a new found love for our Iguanas. Don’t be alarmed when you are here see one walking around the grounds, eating from their feeding station or swimming in the pond. This is a safe and healthy haven for them and they welcome you to their home—The Aguada.

We can assist you in learning more about the Belizean Iguanas on your visit. Some interesting facts provided by the San Ignacio Iguana Project.

Common Name: Guana, Bamboo Chicken (Creole) / Garobo (Spanish)
English Name: Green Iguana, Iguana
Scientific Name: Iguana Iguana
Family Name: Iguanidae

– The Aguada Hotel, Belize


Baby Madelyn – The Aguada Baby!

Baby Madelyn arrives…at the hospital?… no at The AGUADA!!

First time mothers usually take great care and precautions when having their first child. This held true for Jalima Gold of Placencia, Belize. Her cramps told her it was almost time so she traveled (Wednesday, October 24) the long distance from Southern Belize to have her first born at a private hospital—La Loma Luz—in the Cayo District, Belize.

They chose to stay at The Aguada Hotel in Santa Elena Town to be close to the hospital, which is a mere 6 blocks from The Aguada. With husband, grandmother and midwife in tow, they visited the hospital only to be told that the baby wasn’t ready to make its GRAND debut—oh no, she wanted to be different from the moment she entered the world!

Early this morning (October 26), the cramps started again; but this time, they were stronger and harder. Preparing to leave The Aguada to go to the hospital, Jalima realized she couldn’t even sit—the baby was already on its way! After ONLY 11 minutes of labour, Madelyn Georgiana Gold Leslie entered the world at 1:30 am and is such a beautiful little one!

We are happy to report that both mother and baby are doing great. Midwife, Gail Johnson (CPM, LM, Midwife Without Borders) was happy to share with us that Baby Madelyn weighed in at 7 lbs, 6 ozs and is 20 inches long.

We are showered with many blessings at The Aguada Hotel… but this certainly is one of GREATEST!

– The Aguada Hotel, Belize

Medical Leaders Journey to Belize

Mission to the World in partnership with Georgia Health Sciences University gathered 19 future medical mission team leaders along with their 12 supervisors and trainers  in San Ignacio / Santa Elena, Belize for a week of intense training and preparation for medical leadership roles in the developing world.


Even though Belize is quite developed in comparison to many of the other countries they would visit, the attendants had to simulate living in the worst conditions. It meant water purification classes, food and drink sensitivity, preforming rural clinical practicum and the list goes on.


The Aguada Hotel & Restaurant was challenged to preparing meals that were approved by the committee and the staff achieved wonderful acclaim on the variety of meals that were prepared.

– The Aguada Hotel, Belize

What’s in the Pond?

Guests of The Aguada Hotel & Restaurant, Belize often ask: “What’s in the pond?” “Do you have fish or turtles?”


We decided to get those questions answered more clearly. Local nature tour guide, Tony Santiago, assisted The Aguada Staff in identifying the various creatures in the pond. After spending a few hours in his canoe and a catch and release session, Tony shared with us that the depth of the pond is around 14 feet. The pond also has a live spring. He found many Bay Snook and Talapia along with various types of toads and frogs. To our surprise, he showed us one of the many turtles that have found his home at The Aguada. We named him Big Papa!


– The Aguada Hotel, Belize

US Elections Belize

The United States (US) Election Season is in full swing and to honor it, the American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit of the US Embassy held an informational session for residents of the Cayo District, Belize. The Aguada Hotel was the happy host of this event on October 4, 2012. US Citizens in Belize were assisted in filling out absentee ballots as well as answering questions about the absentee-ballot process. The Aguada’s Shalue Butcher serves as the US Warden for the Cayo Rural area and is able to assist Americans residing or visiting Belize with issues that they may face while in the area.

– The Aguada Hotel, Belize